Johnny Anglais

Johnny Anglais Big Brother

Johnny Anglais shot to fame in the media when he was caught living a double life as a School Teacher by day and a Male Stripper and Porn Star by night. After being caught out by some of his students who found pictures of him on the Internet, Johnny Anglais was instantly suspended as a School Teacher and had to wait for a hearing and tribunal to see if he was allowed to return to Teaching.

In the mean time Johnny Anglais real name Benedict Garrett had whipped the nation into a media frenzy and was being flow all over the World to do interviews on TV chat shows and radio stations in every continent known to man. As a very well softly spoken gentleman Johnny Anglais is the peak of intelligence and not what you would class your normal Male Stripper or Porn Star to be, but on stage this 6ft 3 hunk comes to life in what could only be classed as the most theatrical Male Stripper in history. Johnny was born to be on stage and now has thousands of fans from all over the World that follow him around to see him perform.

Johnny Anglais made such a huge name for himself across the media and in the Industry that he was signed up by the biggest Male Strip Group in the World today, The Dreamboys, where he went on to Manage one of The Dreamboys resident Saturday night shows which are held across the UK every Saturday night.

Johnny Anglais is a man on a mission and a performer to watch out for in 2012, seeing this man perform live is a must see for any budding Entertainment fanatic.

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